Can one parent relocate with the children?

Remember the Southwest Airlines commercials where the flight attendant would announce “You are now free to move about the country”?  Unless your divorce or custody agreement specifically allows you to relocate with the children, you are free to move away, but your children may not be. People relocate for a variety of reasons: a new career opportunity, to be near extended family or a new partner, or just to Read More

Do I need a pandemic clause added to my divorce or custody agreement?

Your day-to-day life may have changed, but the law is the same. We doubt that even the most forward-thinking couple could have predicted the possible need for a pandemic clause in their separation, custody, or parenting agreement. Like our peers across the country, since March of 2020 we have been fielding calls from clients trying to deal with a myriad of changes to their life as everyone went in and out of Read More

Courts are reopening for hearings, call us today to get a place in the queue

The current Court backlog will only grow as families who were “waiting until the pandemic was over to file” begin filing their motions. The past seven months have been an unprecedented time in our homes, our schools, our businesses, and our courts. Remote schooling, working from home, layoffs and furloughs, and the ups and downs of the economy have taken their toll on every family, but most especially those that Read More