Buying Real Estate

Don’t Leave Anything to Chance when Making One of the Biggest Purchases of Your Life. We are Here to Help

Whether you’re seeking to purchase a home, a residential rental property, or an investment property in Connecticut, you need to identify obstacles in your way and reduce your risk and exposure.

The act of buying property can be stressful, confusing and emotional, even when you’re excited about the process, and you’ve done your homework. Having a qualified attorney on your side can help the process go more smoothly and give you the clarity and peace of mind you need to be a better negotiator and stay in control of what’s happening.

The Klein & Babbitt team handles a wide range of residential and commercial real estate transactions in Connecticut. We have a passion for the law, lots of experience coordinating and negotiating different types of deals, and excellent relationships with local real estate agents and brokers. We are fueled by a deep conviction that being ethical and thoughtful helps our clients get what they need.

Buying real estate is a complex process. A number of federal, state, or local laws might affect your purchase. When the real estate in question is part of a short sale or a foreclosure, or title to the land is contested, the process becomes even more complicated.

Your attorney can assist and protect your rights by:

  • Preparing and filing the necessary legal documents in accordance with Connecticut’s real estate laws and regulations,
  • Reviewing the terms of your mortgage so that you are clear on your obligations, and to ensure that rates and fees are reasonable, fair, and match those that were explained to you in the process of obtaining financing,
  • Researching the title to the property to ensure there are no existing liens or mortgages that might impede your title for the property.
  • Attending the closing with you to review paperwork and ensure all your questions are answered before you sign.

A real estate purchase is one of the most significant purchases many Connecticut home or business owners will ever make. In recognition of the gravity of the event, many Connecticut title insurance companies and mortgage lenders not only encourage buyers to work with a lawyer – they require it. As you prepare to purchase the property of your dreams, call our office today for a private consultation.