High Net Worth Divorce

Complex Divorces Demand Experienced Counsel

Divorce is a highly emotionally charged time, and it is notorious for being one of the most mentally and emotionally stressful life events a person can endure. At the same time, a divorce is akin to a business dissolution or split. Many of the decisions that must be made are financial.

When a divorce involves substantial assets, a family business, and other financial complexities, these questions become even more important – and complex. That’s why you need experienced, compassionate legal guidance.

Considerations in High Net Worth Divorces

Most divorcing couples have to make decisions about things like the family home, checking and savings accounts, retirement investments, and household goods. In a high net worth divorce, these questions are only the beginning. Other assets that frequently figure in a high net worth divorce include:

  • Investment accounts
  • Multiple or complex retirement accounts and tools
  • Real estate
  • Business interests
  • Trusts
  • Restricted stock and stock options
  • Collections of valuable art, antiques, or other personal property
  • Inheritances

Whose Help Will I Need?

In addition to the guidance of an experienced lawyer, you and your spouse may also need to identify and recruit the skills of other professionals. Accountants and appraisers who specialize in high net worth divorces, for example, are frequently called upon to account for the marital assets so that an equitable distribution can occur.

Lawyers with experience helping high net worth clients through divorce can help you choose experts with experience and a fair, neutral approach.

Avoiding the “Bitter End”

Couples of limited means often worry about how much a divorce will cost. When money is not an issue, however, some divorcing parties take advantage of that fact to fight even when they don’t have to do battle.

At Klein & Babbitt, we’re dedicated to collaborating, negotiating, and smoothing the pathway to divorce in order to preserve your assets, minimize your liabilities, and help you build the future you envision. And if the worst occurs? That’s when we fight.

Contact us to learn more. We’re always here to listen, and every conversation you have with us is completely confidential.