J.B. – Former Client

Attorney Babbitt and her team worked with me in a very fair and transparent manner. I was distraught as a result of my recent divorce and in a difficult spot financially. I needed to access money from a 401K and could not do so until my ex-wife completed the necessary administrative paperwork. Despite several attempts to contact my ex-wife and her attorney directly, pleading with them to complete the paperwork, she ultimately refused my request. My only option was to sue for contempt and I really wanted to avoid the courtroom. Attorney Babbitt was able to work with my ex-wife’s attorney and arrange for the paperwork to be completed quickly and without a lot of drama. The team at Klein and Babbitt was patient and understanding during this period and I truly appreciated that most of all. I would highly recommend this law firm. Thank you for your help.

J.B. - Former Client